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Christmas Tree

Prices (Before the Discount!)

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*Tree sizes 6-7' thru 9-10' are all significantly reduced in pricing this year!! 


Please note the following...

  • Pre-cut trees sizes 6-7' thru 9-10' are Fraser Firs from a farm in North Carolina. We have vetted them and expect the trees to be very fresh in keeping with our past quality. However, they were not grown at Grelen and are not local to Virginia.

  • All Pre-cut & CYO trees sizes 10-11' thru 13'+ were grown at Grelen.  They are either Fraser or Canaan Firs (very similar).  There are VERY few of these sizes.  

  • Pre-cut trees are closer in size to the first number.  I.e., a tree coded as a 6-7' tree will be closer to 6'.  

  • Due to the enormous tree sales we experienced last year, our the Grelen grown CYO Christmas Trees sizes 6-7' thru 9-10' are extremely limitedWe expect to run out very early in the season.  However, we will be staking pre-cut Fraser Fir trees in our CYO field to provide your family with the special holiday experience of walking into the field to pick the perfect tree. After we run out of true trees that you actually have to cut down, there will be the staked trees in the field available.  We want to keep the magical holiday memories alive! The trees staked in the field will be the same price as the true CYO trees.  

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